Participate In Giveaways & Bundle Events to Grow Your Email List... Repeat for Infinity to Grow Your Business!


How many times throughout your business career have you heard that you need to build your list?


I'd be willing to bet a whole heck of a LOT. I'd also be willing to bet you've been unsure of what really works and what's worth your time. I'd like to introduce you to Giveaway Events and Bundle Events and I think you'll start to see the power they hold for growing your email fast.

Hi there I'm Angela Wills, owner and blogger at Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. I've been growing my email list in one form or another since 2002 and right here, on this page, is the one method that has worked better for me at list-building than anything else.


A giveaway or bundle event is a great big joint venture. 


It's an event where people with their own lists and traffic to their businesses co-ordinate with targeted, similar businesses to SHARE their traffic and lists with each other.... in a completely ethical way that's a WIN for everyone involved!


The way it works is everyone contributes a valuable product to the event. Then, the promoters and often the participants tell their communities about the awesome freebies (or in the case of a bundle, the deal). During the event, large amounts of people usually show up to claim their products and lists get built, sales get made. 


Participating in these Giveaway or Bundle Events will give you the advantage of:

  • Getting your name next to other recognized names in your field. The association with others and transfer of trust can is a valuable asset for your business. 
  • Accessing a large amount of traffic and leads in a short time. You gain multiples on your own reach with a group effort, adding a lot of people to your list in a small time window. 
  • EASY repetition. One awesome advantage of doing these events is that once you do one, you can reuse that product in a following offer and do it very quickly, it's a kind of rinse and repeat marketing that can get results every time. 


This action plan gives you the exact steps to take to grow your list without question. Follow the steps, join quality events and watch your email list grow. 

The Giveaway or Bundle Events Action Plan is like having a pre-created process document for your business to follow to create your offer. You will be given the exact steps I have used in my own business to add thousands of new subscribers to my own emails lists. 


The action plan includes a step by step, task by task outlay of what you need to do, including:


Step 1: Prepare Your Product
1.1 Find out event requirements
1.2 Decide your end goal
1.3 Prepare pages for event


Step 2: Apply to Participate

2.1 Fill in your form or email to participate


Step 3: Promote the Event
3.1 Promote the required amount of times or more


Step 4: Follow Up & Upsell

4.1 Create follow-up emails



Here's a peek at the full plan layout:

The Giveaway or Bundle Event Action Plan PDF - A complete guide. Download immediately and get to work.

Why Participate in Giveaway or Bundle Events?


There are a lot of great reasons to jump on board, take a chance and join an event. Here are a few:


  • Build your list – Yes this is the main reason. I have participated in free and paid events that have added anywhere from 50 to 800 people to my list from one single event. 
  • Make more money – Bundle events can bring you some nice rewards in commissions as an affiliate but you can also make great profits from giveaway events if you attach those offers to a funnel that converts. 
  • They'll come to you – One of the most difficult parts of building a business for many is getting OUT THERE to build their list or make sales. It's rarely as easy as waiting for people to come to you. In this case, it's just that easy! You submit to the giveaway and then you promote and you wait... while people start coming to YOU to join your list and download your product. 



Along with the start to finish fast-action plan above you'll also get the following training & resources...


  • 7 Ways to Find Giveaway (.doc)
  • Giveaway Checklist (.doc)
  • Giveaway Events Listing (.doc)
  • Giveaway Event Case Study (.pdf)
  • List Building With Giveaways Report (.pdf) My personal 800+ subscriber case study
  • 45 minute Q&A on Giveaway Events (.mp4)
  • 34 minute training on how to participate in Giveaway Events (.mp4)


I've Grown My Own List Time and Again with Events...

I’ve also done the work myself! I am not teaching you some random theory or using any pre-written content to tell you what to do. I have done this myself time and time again to add tens to hundreds of people to my list at a time. Many of those times with minimal effort because I re-used a previous giveaway offer and was submitted in no time flat.


My most recent event was a bundle and it took me about 15 minutes worth of work to add over 300 people to my email list, and counting! 

This is not “theory content”. It’s proven, tested and getting results. You are not taking any risk or worry in the quality of this content.

Now it’s just a matter of answering the question: “Are you ready to grow your list quicker, smarter and more easily than ever?”

YES, Angela, I Want the Giveaway or Bundle Events Package!

What I will get:

  • Giveaway & Bundle Events Action Plan PDF Download (instant)
  • 7 Ways to Find Giveaway (.doc)
  • Giveaway Checklist (.doc)
  • Giveaway Events Listing (.doc)
  • Giveaway Event Case Study (.pdf)
  • List Building With Giveaways Report (.pdf) My personal 800+ subscriber case study
  • 45 minute Q&A on Giveaway Events (.mp4)
  • 34 minute training on how to participate in Giveaway Events (.mp4)

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