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Turn Your Can'ts into Cans & Your Wishes Into Plans With a Digital Marketer's Business Plan.

Do Digital Marketer's Need Business Plans?


Yes. Yes we do need business plans. Your business plan is the customized road map that you create to reach your goals. You need to know what you're working with and where you're going and a business plan helps you turn your goals into action steps. 

I thought you might like to join me in creating a BIG AWESOME VISION of 2019. I thought you might like a short-cut to creating YOUR business plan by taking a pre-created business plan, profit predictor and other templates to plan our your goals and make sure they're not just wishes on the wind. 

Let's see what could happen when you put some attention towards a digital business plan: 

  • Your vision will be clear. I'm talking about THE VISION you have for your business. You'll get really clear on what the big picture of your business is and how your business needs to look to achieve all the things you want to with it.

  • Your roadmap will be custom created. A business plan gives you a path from where you've been to where you're going. You'll review what you have, what's worked and what's next. You'll have it laid out for you to use throughout the year and refer to when you need it. 

  • You'll identify important factors of your business. Yes, I'm talking SWOT... The Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Strengths. By reviewing the full view of your business you'll see these sort of things even without doing an analysis of them. They will show up because you're doing the review.

  • You'll create loyalty in your team. The first point was that you will get clear on your vision because of a business plan. Another advantage to that besides knowing yourself is you'll be able to do the important task of sharing that vision with your team members. When people work for you it's important they understand WHY they're doing the work they do so they can invest emotionally into it. With a great business vision they can do that! 

Let's get to it. It's time to create your Digital Business Plan! We're going to dig into the nitty gritty of a digital business and it's specific needs, too! 

All in all though, a business plan is a business plan is a business plan and it's high time you take the time to create a great one! 

the Digital Marketer's Business Plan + Toolkit!

Business Plan Success is Just A Click Away! You'll Receive

Here's What You Get:

  • Digital Marketer's Business Plan Action Plan (.pdf)
  • Digital Marketer's Business Plan Template (.doc)
  • Weekly Agenda (.pdf)
  • Profit & Loss Tracker (.pdf)
  • Monthly Marketing Planner (.pdf)
  • Profit Planning Spreadsheet (.xls)

All the best to you and I hope you get to live your Laptop Lifestyle!


❤  Ang