We're Not For Building a Business That Enslaves You...
The Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity is For Freedom Seekers



What you need to know is that the YOU is a place for you to gain the foundational skills, support and opportunities to create true lifestyle freedom.


You could have accidentally created a MONSTER of a business by now, one that keeps you working all hours, one you feel obsessed and overwhelmed by. I HOPE you didn't and you're humming along, making money and living life free and happy. However, the odds say that you've got some work to do to create TRUE FREEDOM in your business and in your life.

We ALL do. I've created a level of freedom in my business I'm VERY happy with but I'm always seeking now ways to grow, be inspired and to inspire. I'm right there with you and I feel many of the same "growing pains" you do!

That's where the YOU comes in. 

As a Member of the YOU, Here's What You Can Expect:

  • Student Project Collaborations four times a year that build lists and make money (we TRULY work together)!

  • Regular Weekly LIVE Accountability Every Monday for motivation, inspiration and of course, accountability!

  • MORE Accountability, Cheerleading, Support & Celebrations in our private, active, awesome community center.

  • Training & Resources on the "Laptop Lifestyle Trifecta" so you can lather, rinse & repeat towards lifestyle freedom.  

  • One Deep Dive 101 Course Per Quarter that gives you the training, the steps and the insights to help you make your laptop lifestyle a reality. These semester-based trainings will help you participate in our student project collaborations, too! 

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I Asked Members What Membership Did For Them... 
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